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Senior Content Strategist @ Bitly -- a writerly technology content marketer guy who's helping tech companies with content marketing... and trying to help authors, artists and musicians use content marketing, too.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What Apple Music Means for Bands & Fans

Apple Music has gotten a lot of attention since being announced on June 30. Personally, I haven’t been convinced that Apple is offering anything new with the service. If you’re just a distributor, that really only gives you so many options when … Continue reading

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Apple Music & The Make-Believe Streaming Music Market

Apple Music is the latest and greatest to enter a crowded space: the streaming music market. Like the other big new competitor, Tidal, Apple Music is only going to offer paid subscriptions, instead of ad-sponsored free music. But why? Why is … Continue reading

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Why “Humans of New York” Proves Every Cynical Writer & Artist Wrong

A few weeks ago, a journalist met the President. The journalist was a blogger who took photographs and talked to people. He’s also the author of The New York Times bestseller, “Humans of New York.” His name is Brandon Stanton … Continue reading

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Media Companies: Go Mobile or Become Social Media Serfs

Media companies are having a hard time trying to get people to pay for digital news. When there are so many sites that just provide headlines and a few paragraphs of sensational context (which is what most people want, anyway), … Continue reading

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Digital Marketing for Bands: Everyone’s Doing it Wrong

There’s a little tiny mushroom industry of music marketers growing. A lot of them offer digital services to help “promote” you. Bands are falling for it. Musicians want to believe that, with enough clever marketing on this magical thing called “the Internet,” … Continue reading

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Don’t Like Native Advertising? Start Paying for News.

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about one of the newest advertising tactics in the journalism world: native advertising. You might have seen it yourself, if you’ve felt the need to click one of BuzzFeed’s “10 Reasons Why You … Continue reading

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Yes, The Goldfinch is Overrated… But Why?

I’m not really qualified to decide what does and doesn’t deserve a Pulitzer. But I’m of the somewhat strong opinion that “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt shouldn’t have made the cut. Let me break down this epic journey in rambling, … Continue reading

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