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Hachette v. Amazon: Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?

If you’ve paid any attention to the book industry, you’ll know by now that Hachette and Amazon are locked in some kind of pricing battle. The details aren’t that well known, but the strategy is: Amazon disabled the pre-order option … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Measure Your Book’s Online Marketing Campaign

When it comes to online marketing, independent authors like to think they’re ahead of the curve. Social savvy, internet savvy, and savvy in other miscellaneous ways. But just because you made a Facebook Page and have a Twitter account doesn’t … Continue reading

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Innovation & Stagnation in the Traditonal Publishing Industry

The Tribune Company did something that surprised me the other day: it released a new product. An app, to be specific. Newsbeat converts newspapers into audio, so people can listen to them in the car, on their iPhone and in … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality’s Meaning for Bloggers, Writers, and Musicians

Last week, the FCC struck down something called “net neutrality.” You might have seen headlines and decided it was boring. Maybe, for a little while, you were curious about the ruling’s meaning. No one really knows how things are going … Continue reading

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How to Use a Blog to Sell Your Book

The government shutdown is over. For now. After so much productive and rigorous hashtagging on Twitter, complaints on Facebook, and half-plagiarised news articles looking for traffic, our representatives had no choice but to start funding things again. And agree to … Continue reading

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7 eBook Statistics All Writers and Book Lovers Should See

Ebook studies about market shares and sales are all over the place. But eBook studies about reader habits are a little harder to find. That’s why I was excited to finally see one that talked about… copyright. What is a … Continue reading

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Why You Didn’t Get Any Sales from Your KDP Select Promotion

You wrote the book. You did the research. You got a cover. Finally, you formatted the thing for Amazon Kindle and decided to try KDP Select. Gleefully, you set up the promotion and let ‘er whirl. You scaled your expectations … Continue reading

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Libboo: A New Social Media Platform that Might Actually Help Authors

 When it comes to social media for authors, I’m skeptical at best. The average conversion rate for B2B companies on social media is 1.6 percent and they’re selling a solution to some kind of problem. Authors are selling a commoditized … Continue reading

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Why Authors Shouldn’t Pay for Social Media Services

I accidentally clicked a press release the other day. This release announced an exciting new “social media system” to help independent authors create buzz for books. A noble goal, albeit a lofty one. Dog Ear Publishing, one of the many … Continue reading

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Download “Technology & Culture Stink” for Free!

Today’s the last day of my KDP Select promotion of my short story collection, “Technology & Culture” stink. So if you’re remotely interested in reading short stories about topics that few authors have covered yet, like: social media ebooks cloud … Continue reading

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