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Blest is now available on Amazon!

I’m happy to announce that my book, Blest, is now available on Amazon. If you’re into young adult, fantasy, or romance, I’m sure you’ll love it. Blest is a novel about what defines us as people and whether we let the … Continue reading

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Luxury Coops, Chapter 2

Anna can barely contain her disgust as she waits for her Seamless delivery. The creepy guy’s gaze lingers even after he walks back into his smelly slaughterhouse. She tries not to imagine the daily pain and torment of the creatures … Continue reading

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Luxury Coops, Chapter 1

1.1 Everything knows what death looks like. Even chickens.

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A Novel Told in Instagram Posts

I’m starting an experiment today: I’m writing a novel in Instagram posts. I’m not sure how many times a week I’m going to post new mini-chapters (Instagram’s limit is allegedly 2,2000 characters per caption), but every week following the chapters, … Continue reading

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Central Park at Night

Central Park on a warm autumn night is cool on the skin, the tang of changed leaves fluttering in soft breezes. Runners and cyclists and couples circle around the loops of pavement weaving between trees, but the real breath of … Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] What Apple Music Means for Bands & Fans

Apple Music has gotten a lot of attention since being announced on June 30. Personally, I haven’t been convinced that Apple is offering anything new with the service. If you’re just a distributor, that really only gives you so many options when … Continue reading

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Apple Music & The Make-Believe Streaming Music Market

Apple Music is the latest and greatest to enter a crowded space: the streaming music market. Like the other big new competitor, Tidal, Apple Music is only going to offer paid subscriptions, instead of ad-sponsored free music. But why? Why is … Continue reading

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