3 Free Platforms for Writers, Musicians, and Artists to Make a Website

authorbuildwebsiteIf you’re a writer, musician, or artist looking to make a website these days, what do you need to start?

Not any knowledge of HTML. Not a web designer. Not a lengthy textbook
about “building a website.”

You just need about an hour of time and a slightly foggy notion of what to

Oh, and money?


You don’t even need money. Most platforms for making a website that are out there today are free.

Making a website for yourself is incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that web-building platforms are competing with each other to out-ease the other.

That’s right – there have been reckless innovations in recent years when it
comes to user experience. A few years ago, sure, you may have struggled a
little and pulled at least a few hairs out while trying to get something live.

Now? Not so much.

Here are the three platforms that are the best for writers, musicians, and artists who want to make a website:

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How to Get Your Creative Stuff to the Top of Search Engines

howseoworksMy friend, Tim, had a problem with search engine optimization (SEO).

The problem, as with most things on the internet, was with Google.

He’s in Doze, an up-and-coming band that recently released their first EP.

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find Doze using Google. Pages upon pages of other imposter bands with the word “Doze” showed up instead, whether you typed “Doze band” or “Doze band boston.”

So, I decided to help him out.

Here’s how we got Doze to be the first three results in “Doze band boston” and the fourth result for “Doze band” in one week:

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Content Marketing: Selling Your Masterpiece by Giving Another One Away

contentmarketingsampleIf you’ve heard of content marketing before, you know it’s not rocket science.

It’s a lot like when stores give away free samples. You try enough of something to find out you like it, then you buy it.

How you actually give the sample is the most important part.

Businesses often offer free guides that require emails or lead people somewhere else (like a product page), if the company is curating content the right way.

When it’s time to buy a product, the customer chooses the business that has already been offering them help on the subject.

Content marketing has been something of a quandary for creative people. Your creativity is your content, so how do you market that?

Well, here’s how:

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