4 Things You Need to Know About the Brave, Lonely World of Blogging

Sometimes, blogging will make you feel like a lonely, misty mountaintop in the Scottish Highlands, except less scenic and more whiny.

When I posted my first attempt at “15 Minute Fury” – blog posts that I don’t spend more than 15 minutes on – I thought pretty hard about it.

You know, afterwards.

I was wondering if I was sacrificing quality for quantity. If, by trying to force myself to create something by giving myself a very tight deadline, I would write the equivalent of an essay someone would (charitably) grade as “D+.”

Then, I reflected on what blogging is these days. I’ve been doing it since about 2009. I’ve had two blog posts take off, two masterpieces that got around 25,000 views and ~500 social shares via Facebook and Twitter on Open Salon.

Yes, folks, they went “viral.” Or at least bacterial.

Here’s what I learned about the state of blogging from that experience:

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eBooks: The Future of Writing, Once Everyone Gets Over It

Reading Time: ~5 minutes

When the Kindle first came out, I remember a distinct feeling as my heart sunk into a swamp of pessimism. This is it, I thought. I am an English major, an aspiring novelist, a “writer,” at literally the worst time in American history of the world to be one. In other countries, of course, any time is a bad time.

My friend’s mom owns an independent bookstore, one of those rare and beautiful things that now primarily feasts on the wallets of tourists and upper middle class locals. He frothed at the mouth when Amazon released the Kindle, decrying the institution and talking about how this would essentially murder books and those who try to write them.

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