If you like my writing, you may want to take a look at my short story collection,
“Technology and Culture Stink!”

It’s got 17 stories… for $2.99, that’s about 17 cents a story!

It’s a satirical collection with stories about ebooks, social media, iPhones, and a lot of other internet-markety things.



If you want to read some other short stories of mine (for free), I would recommend:

1. “The Cruise” (Squawk Back / 2012) — A marriage satire.

2. “Election Season” (Fear of Monkeys / 2010) — An election campaign satire.

3. “Destintaion Inc.” (Squawk Back / 2011)  — A climate change satire.

4. “The Elevator” (Every Day Fiction / 2010) — Literary flash fiction.

5. “The Mirror is Not a Window for the Soul” (Our Young Art / 2009) — A literary marriage satire.

7. Older Stuff

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