One thought on “Are You a Democrat or Republican?

  1. I think that your paradigm is, truly, a traditional ink blot test for what one feels as matching the trait, tendency, phobia or compulsive pre-occupation. The sense of our election system must be one of being informed — not making a series of knee jerk reactions that rely on spin, prejudice and free floating anxiety. Sure, it is flawed. And actually, we need to become more informed, really understand how this works. The mystery of the Insurance industry controls by our government would appear to be something entirely else in another country: we were led to believe that the world would end if there would be a government-backed master plan. People were led to think that they would lose something that they had; conversely, others thought that they would receive more for less — or nothing. They were each misled by an incestuous contgress who wanted nothing more than to feed at the trough of insurance companies, lobbyists with huge money to buy them. Who wins? Not the people. We have the wrong people in a system that has mutated beyond its original design. And we let it happen.

    The only way to change the game, is to take interested parties out of the process. If we do not become more informed, do our home work, then we can not realize a democratic system that is
    viable, delivering the needs for the majority, whoever this turns out to be. As it stands, we have a system that only sustains itself for and by the insiders. It makes no sense.

    What if we each drove home after working a long, hard day to find that we were locked out of our own homes. If this is not the best analogy, please find one that works for you. It will not change until the people demand new value and better equipped leaders to bring solutions and are not indulged drama queens that we vote in for the wrong reasons.

    Time to look in the mirror.

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