LinkedIn Does Things Right, Books Go Interactive, and Apps Apps Apps

Melodramatic, but cool.

I’m trying something new when it comes to blogging. Usually, a blog post on this blog will take upwards of an hour, at least. That’s because I carefully concoct each one. It’s an alchemy of LISTEN TO THIS mixed with lots of sources.

The problem that this creates is the workload. So now, I’m going to try and just write something within 15 minutes and post it. Each one is going to be about the day at hand, and the eight million things that I’ve thought of.

That way, it can at least be a catalog I can review on a later date, like a cheesy direct mail thing that is delivered straight to the mailbox of my mind.

If hypothetical readers enjoy these outbursts, too, all the better. Here is what I thought today:

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