The 3 Reasons All Young Adults Are Liberal

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JobCrater2Last month, I wrote a fairly innocuous piece on my Open Salon blog. To say the least, I was surprised by the waterfall-velocity at which comments flooded the article. At first, I was determined to respond to all of them, but soon gave up. What was the point of responding to a comment if I had to write something that was as long – and took as long – as an actual blog post?

As I pondered the deluge, one sentiment from conservatives struck me: that I was too young to understand the wisdom of conservative ideology. As if my neocortex needs to evolve for another ten years, until finally developing that Personal Responsibility Radar that seems to be a byproduct of age.

As if, given the fact I haven’t paid too much in taxes makes me unqualified to speculate about how our country spends the money. I understand, and sympathize with some of the more burnished conservative talking points. Yes, government could be doing a better job. But could private sector companies be doing a better job than the government? Sure, if you want those jobs done overseas. After all, that was the corporate solution to the Great Recession. And how are the workers at Foxconn?

More like job craters, eh? Hahaha.

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My Advice to Republican Presidential Candidates

Remember the Tea Party? That force of sweeping outrage that brushed a whole new Congress into power? It seems that every time I turn on the television (or, come on, glance at Google News), there’s some burning hot talking point espoused by Republican presidential candidates that would successfully enflame their indigination.

For relentless months, candidates have flaunted their spirituality, disparaged (or tried to) President Obama’s foreign policies, tacitly embraced anti-gay sentiment, practically screamed their stance against raising taxes, pledged their dedication to cutting spending, government, and regulation, generally frothed about the mouth when immigration comes up (except for Gingrich) and even advocated for more wars in the Middle East.

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