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How eBooks Can Save Journalism

At the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), Michelle Bachmann said a lot of things that weren’t true. She said she got the information from a self-published book, Presidential Perks Gone Royal. It’s written by a Republican lobbyist. Bachmann trusted a … Continue reading

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Obamatics and the Age of Liberal Extremism

I know what you might think when you see the term “liberal extremism.” You may think I’m going to talk about the growing approval rate for socialism among millennials or something equally trite, with the word “liberal” exploding when I … Continue reading

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Why There Are Pirates in Somalia

Reading Time: ~3 minutes In 1991, a memo was written. It was signed by Larry Summers, who would eventually go on to become the director of the National Economic Council for the Obama administration, where he would mostly ignore Obama’s … Continue reading

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The 3 Reasons All Young Adults Are Liberal

Reading Time: ~20 minutes Last month, I wrote a fairly innocuous piece on my Open Salon blog. To say the least, I was surprised by the waterfall-velocity at which comments flooded the article. At first, I was determined to respond to all … Continue reading

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My Advice to Republican Presidential Candidates

Remember the Tea Party? That force of sweeping outrage that brushed a whole new Congress into power? It seems that every time I turn on the television (or, come on, glance at Google News), there’s some burning hot talking point … Continue reading

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The Stratification & Marginalization of Occupy Wall St.

Reading Time: ~3 minutes I wouldn’t make the claim that I’m involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Having graduated from college a whole year ago (with a job!),  I found myself standing at the window that most baby boomers … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren’s Blog Problem

Reading Time: ~3 minutes I was stunned when I first read the article on entitled “5 Video SEO Tips To Help Elizabeth Warren Beat Scott Brown.” No, not because I actually found the article that rivteing – although the points were … Continue reading

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