The Future of eBooks: Werewolf Love Stories, 3 for a Dollar

werewolfstorySometimes, I like to do market research about eBooks by acting like someone looking for deals.

I did that the other day and the first challenge, as usual, was finding out where I could actually find eBooks on Amazon. They don’t make it as easy as it should be… but I don’t think Amazon is that concerned with driving traffic to the Kindle store.

After about five minutes of listless clicking, I stumbled upon the Kindle Daily Deal pages. And, in front of me, I saw the future of eBooks: a boxed set. Werewolf Love Stories. Three for a dollar.

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The Death of the eReader

ebookereadersalesI think I’m a prophet. At least when it comes to the future of books and eReaders (like the Kindle or Nook).

A prophet that has the impressive power to tell… the present.

As I was swirling around in my office chair, ruminating about eReaders and how they’re probably going to be obsolete in the next few years, BAM.

A study conducted by IHS iSuppli confirms that eReader sales have dropped by 36% this year and are expected to plunge another 27% next year.

The reason?

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eBooks: The Future of Writing, Once Everyone Gets Over It

Reading Time: ~5 minutes

When the Kindle first came out, I remember a distinct feeling as my heart sunk into a swamp of pessimism. This is it, I thought. I am an English major, an aspiring novelist, a “writer,” at literally the worst time in American history of the world to be one. In other countries, of course, any time is a bad time.

My friend’s mom owns an independent bookstore, one of those rare and beautiful things that now primarily feasts on the wallets of tourists and upper middle class locals. He frothed at the mouth when Amazon released the Kindle, decrying the institution and talking about how this would essentially murder books and those who try to write them.

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