4 Things You Have to Do to Get Google to Show Your Personal Website

showupgoogleresultsA lot of authors, artists, and bands are creating their own websites these days, only to find that… whoa… Google isn’t showing their page.

I’ve been blessed and cursed with a one-of-a-kind name, so getting BlaiseLucey.com to the top of Google wasn’t that difficult. I also basically blog for a living, so that helps.

The truth is that it can be nearly impossible to get your name to the top of Google if you’re John Smith, instead of Blaise Lucey. Just remember that the fans searching for you know that, too, and they’re likely to give you the benefit of a third word (“John Smith author” or “John Smith Band Boston”).

Here are the four things you have to do to get your personal website to show up in Google:

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3 Free Platforms for Writers, Musicians, and Artists to Make a Website

authorbuildwebsiteIf you’re a writer, musician, or artist looking to make a website these days, what do you need to start?

Not any knowledge of HTML. Not a web designer. Not a lengthy textbook
about “building a website.”

You just need about an hour of time and a slightly foggy notion of what to

Oh, and money?


You don’t even need money. Most platforms for making a website that are out there today are free.

Making a website for yourself is incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that web-building platforms are competing with each other to out-ease the other.

That’s right – there have been reckless innovations in recent years when it
comes to user experience. A few years ago, sure, you may have struggled a
little and pulled at least a few hairs out while trying to get something live.

Now? Not so much.

Here are the three platforms that are the best for writers, musicians, and artists who want to make a website:

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