Why I Hate Newcastle Brown Ale: The Internet Marketing Fail

Reading Time: ~5 minutes

I was in a bar in downtown Boston a few weeks ago when my friend said that he had gotten a Newcastle Brown Ale. The mere name brought up a roiling gut reaction of primal rage, mixed with a little bit of nausea. But I couldn’t remember why.

“Can I try a sip?” I asked him. He offered it, I took the careful, delicate sip of someone who doesn’t want to look like a mooch.

The beer was light, but not watery. It was a rich and smooth blend of everything I enjoyed in beer. Then, it hit me: The Daily Show. That’s why I didn’t drink Newcastle. I was on a permanent boycott, because of the way the company had brutalized my Daily Show viewing experience. I handed it back like it was a venomous snake.

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