Why You Should Care About Tumblr (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Tumblr. Heard of it? It’s a nifty, micro-blogging website that takes the best parts of Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, then mercilessly mashes them altogether.

More than anything, it looks like an interactive copyright violation.

But this interactive copyright violation has been picking up steam. I’ve wanted to write about it for a month, especially after some recent studies, because I’ve wanted to start experimenting with its potential marketing impact… but there’s one small difficulty.

First, let’s go over the basics about why you should care about Tumblr in the first place:

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Elizabeth Warren’s Blog Problem

Reading Time: ~3 minutes

I was stunned when I first read the article on ReelSEO.com entitled “5 Video SEO Tips To Help Elizabeth Warren Beat Scott Brown.” No, not because I actually found the article that rivteing – although the points were salient – but because I had never actually thought about the intricate relationship that the internet had – or could have – with political campaigns.

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Why I Hate Newcastle Brown Ale: The Internet Marketing Fail

Reading Time: ~5 minutes

I was in a bar in downtown Boston a few weeks ago when my friend said that he had gotten a Newcastle Brown Ale. The mere name brought up a roiling gut reaction of primal rage, mixed with a little bit of nausea. But I couldn’t remember why.

“Can I try a sip?” I asked him. He offered it, I took the careful, delicate sip of someone who doesn’t want to look like a mooch.

The beer was light, but not watery. It was a rich and smooth blend of everything I enjoyed in beer. Then, it hit me: The Daily Show. That’s why I didn’t drink Newcastle. I was on a permanent boycott, because of the way the company had brutalized my Daily Show viewing experience. I handed it back like it was a venomous snake.

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