The New Influencers: More Artists & Chefs Turn to Instagram Live

Influencers – they used to be Instagram stars who went to hotels and restaurants with the hordes of Followers promising all businesses exponential growth and wealth.

But quarantine is changing that. Chefs, artists, musicians, dancers, and everyone else in the service economy suddenly have time on their hands. Lots and lots of time.

Without touring and performances and restaurants, the majority are at home. With their smartphones.

Chef Thomas Keller, via Instagram Live

Here’s a chef who, unable to cook in his restaurants, is now streaming to people unable to eat in his restaurants.

How about musicians? Without concerts, they mostly have no money. But a lot of them are doing live-streams, instead.

Nick Hexum, of rock band 311, streams his daughter and him playing The Beatles.

A new flood of art-based, live content is hitting the internet. Everyone is becoming their own TV channel. It’s clear that everyone is looking to master the art of Instagram Live, just from a look at Google Trends data. 


The question now is- how do you stop the viewer from changing the channel?

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