For Bands


1. 5 Boston Music Tech Start-Ups You Should Know About

2. Forget iTunes & Pandora: Gideen Offers Bands A New Way to Make Money


1. 3 New Ways You Can Sell CDs at Shows

Digital Music

1. Is Writing & Music & Art Getting Specialized to Death?

2. Are Spotify & Pandora Killing Music?

3. How Pandora Could Help Bands Sell Tickets to Shows

4. 7 Things Making Musicians (and the Music Industry) Go Out of Business

5. Net Neutrality’s Meaning for Bloggers, Writers, and Musicians

6. What Musicians Can Learn from YouTube Millionaires

Social Media

1. Forget Facebook, Your Band Needs Email Marketing

2. 3 Social Media Mistakes from the Concert that Never Was

3. 5 Ways Your Band Should Be Using Facebook

4. Why People Can’t See Your Band’s Facebook Posts


1. Music, Writing, and Art in the Age of the Optional Purchase

2. The Internet Has Made Us All Entitled Content Thieves

3. 6 Ways to Promote Your Band Online

4. Does Giving Away Your Music for Free Really Get People to Buy It?


1. 3 Free Platforms for Writers, Musicians, and Artists to Make a Website

2. How to Set Up Google Authorship on WordPress… and Why All Writers & Bloggers Need It

3. How to Get Your Creative Stuff to the Top of Search Engines

4. 4 Things You have to Do To Get Google to Show Your Personal Website

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