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The Stranger Things Chicago Episode is Bad – But It Could be the Future of TV 

Source: Netflix  The first season of Stranger Things took me by surprise. Literally. My friend introduced me to it and, seven hours later, I was still sitting on the couch. The second season of Strangers Things failed to captivate me … Continue reading

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Digital Marketing for Bands: Everyone’s Doing it Wrong

There’s a little tiny mushroom industry of music marketers growing. A lot of them offer digital services to help “promote” you. Bands are falling for it. Musicians want to believe that, with enough clever marketing on this magical thing called “the Internet,” … Continue reading

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7 Things Making Musicians (and the Music Industry) Go Out of Business

I recently stumbled across a really interesting documentary – “Unsound.” No, it’s not out yet. In fact, maybe it never will be. Right now, it’s in the funding stages on IndieGoGO and I beseech everyone to go help make it … Continue reading

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