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Media Companies: Go Mobile or Become Social Media Serfs

Media companies are having a hard time trying to get people to pay for digital news. When there are so many sites that just provide headlines and a few paragraphs of sensational context (which is what most people want, anyway), … Continue reading

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Don’t Like Native Advertising? Start Paying for News.

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about one of the newest advertising tactics in the journalism world: native advertising. You might have seen it yourself, if you’ve felt the need to click one of BuzzFeed’s “10 Reasons Why You … Continue reading

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How eBooks Can Save Journalism

At the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), Michelle Bachmann said a lot of things that weren’t true. She said she got the information from a self-published book, Presidential Perks Gone Royal. It’s written by a Republican lobbyist. Bachmann trusted a … Continue reading

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The Internet Has Made Us All Entitled Content Thieves

This week, the New York Times closed another loophole that got around its notorious paywall. You know… the paywall. The thing ensuring that one of the last bastions of what Americans call journalism (even if it’s owned by someone with a … Continue reading

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Journalism Isn’t Terrible, We Are: Selective, Celebrity Tragedy

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What We Can Learn From France and Google’s War Over Free Content

There’s a territorial dispute afoot, have you heard about it? French newspaper publishers have accused Google of deterring would-be readers by displaying the first sentences of an article in “Google News.” The working theory is that, rather than clicking into … Continue reading

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