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How eBooks Can Save Journalism

At the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), Michelle Bachmann said a lot of things that weren’t true. She said she got the information from a self-published book, Presidential Perks Gone Royal. It’s written by a Republican lobbyist. Bachmann trusted a … Continue reading

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Music, Writing, and Art in the Age of the Optional Purchase

In the summer of 2010, when I started my first job, I listened to about six hours of Pandora a day. The ads were an annoyance, but I sat through them because I loved the songs that Pandora found for … Continue reading

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Getting Arrested for a Tweet: The Age of the Post-Anonymous Internet

Can saying terrible things on the internet land you in jail? Thanks to social media, it looks like the answer is creeping closer to “yes.” In March, a 21-year-old who drunkenly tweeted racist remarks was charged with “inciting racial hatred” … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Not Get Screwed as a Liberal Arts Major

Ah, spring. Out on the quad, Frisbees are flying again. Awkward small talk about classes can happen outside, instead of in the dining hall. And, all across campus, tens of thousands of panicked seniors will be hunched over computers, scouring … Continue reading

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Getting a Concussion from the Flu Shot

Reading Time: ~3 minutes Before I start, let’s take a look the word I instinctively chose to represent “flu shot.” I chose “THE,” not the more casual and far less menacing “A.” That’s a common choice of diction when it … Continue reading

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Media, The Reality Funnel

Reading Time: ~5 minutes Did anyone else feel a kind of dull depression when the stocks first dove recently? Or an exhiliration when they seemed to rise again? Are you a stockbroker? Probably not. We’ve reached a point where the things … Continue reading

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The Winehouse Effect: How We Kill Celebrities

Reading Time: ~3 minutes In late June, Amy Winehouse stumbled onto a stage in Serbia, where she slurred words and lost track of the song playing behind her. TMZ gleefully reported that “tickets to the show were roughly $57 — a lot … Continue reading

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