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Promoting Your Book with BookBub: A Case Study

My first novel, Blest, was published last year in March. It wasn’t traditionally published, but it wasn’t traditionally self-published, either. I worked with Alloy Entertainment to outline and write the book. It’s been an interesting process, because we’re also working … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Measure Your Book’s Online Marketing Campaign

When it comes to online marketing, independent authors like to think they’re ahead of the curve. Social savvy, internet savvy, and savvy in other miscellaneous ways. But just because you made a Facebook Page and have a Twitter account doesn’t … Continue reading

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How to Use a Blog to Sell Your Book

The government shutdown is over. For now. After so much productive and rigorous hashtagging on Twitter, complaints on Facebook, and half-plagiarised news articles looking for traffic, our representatives had no choice but to start funding things again. And agree to … Continue reading

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Why You Didn’t Get Any Sales from Your KDP Select Promotion

You wrote the book. You did the research. You got a cover. Finally, you formatted the thing for Amazon Kindle and decided to try KDP Select. Gleefully, you set up the promotion and let ‘er whirl. You scaled your expectations … Continue reading

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Why Authors Shouldn’t Pay for Social Media Services

I accidentally clicked a press release the other day. This release announced an exciting new “social media system” to help independent authors create buzz for books. A noble goal, albeit a lofty one. Dog Ear Publishing, one of the many … Continue reading

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A Fictional Serial Killer Starts a Blog… Then What?

I forget what I was Googling, but I found a very unique press release that caught my eye: “Serial Killer Starts Blog Ahead of 2MCH4YA Book Completion.” Yes, a serial killer featured in the upcoming novel, “taRNished,” now has a blog. The blog … Continue reading

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