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What Musicians Can Learn from YouTube Millionaires

A few years ago, I saw a video kicking around Facebook called “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” It was a standard YouTube video: a webcam photoshoot of some person, doing something. This video was pretty funny, … Continue reading

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How to Use a Blog to Sell Your Book

The government shutdown is over. For now. After so much productive and rigorous hashtagging on Twitter, complaints on Facebook, and half-plagiarised news articles looking for traffic, our representatives had no choice but to start funding things again. And agree to … Continue reading

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Art-Shelf: A Platform that Lets Artists Do Art, Not Marketing

Whether you’re a painter, a sketch artist or a sculptor, the Internet can be an alluring place to market your art. But a lot of the time, artists get bogged down by the amount of work it takes to maintain … Continue reading

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Forget Facebook, Your Band Needs Email Marketing

Bands have a lot of different attitudes when it comes to how they use Facebook. You’ve got the guys who don’t like to fill out any information. Then the ones who prefer to post vague and mysterious, almost nonsensical blocks … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Promote Your Band Online

When it comes to promoting creative stuff online, I think bands might have a bigger problem than anyone, even authors. Now that bands can upload music to a Bandcamp page in about five minutes, they can give their stuff away. … Continue reading

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[GUIDE] How to Use a Blog To Show Off Your Creative Work

When it comes to blogging, nothing is ever easy. Creative people who are blogging as a way to show off their work have it even harder. You can upload as many art pieces and short stories as you want, but … Continue reading

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How to Market Your Book as a Product Without Feeling Guilty

When it comes to the word “marketing,” writers get squeamish. Call our books a “product,” and you’re likely to catch a fist to the face. Okay, maybe not a fist. But at least a curled nose and some whispered muttering … Continue reading

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