3 Social Media Mistakes We Can Learn from the Concert that Never Was

Bands and businesses have a lot in common when it comes to social media strategies... and mistakes.

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I recently tried to go to a concert here in Boston. I won’t name the venue or the bands, even the most popular of which is pretty much unknown. The show was on a Monday night. My mission was to see one band in particular, but I didn’t know when they, or any band, were going to start playing.

I embarked on a treasure hunt to put together whatever clues I could find. Now, if you’re in PR or know anything about PR, you’ve probably heard the term “messaging” before. Messaging is the cornerstone of any PR campaign. Companies do a lot of research and work very hard to make sure that a message is on-target before sending it out into the world. A good message is consistent on all platforms and channels.

None of these bands had good messaging. The club didn’t have good messaging, either. And, as I tried to piece things together, I couldn’t help but think about all the different ways a solid social media strategy could have helped.

Here’s what I noticed:

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How a Self-Published Author Got 1,213 Followers on Twitter

Twitter. You’ve probably heard of it.

People call it a “micro-blogging service,” whatever that means.

If not, they’ll casually lambast it as something that adolescents use to inform friends of their latest Teenage Adventures.

Twitter is more than that.

In fact, it’s one of the handiest tools to promote your blog, your book, your band, your artwork, your photographs, your anything.

That’s because you can network on it. You can meet creative people who do exactly what you do on it.

But  making a Twitter account is easy, but getting followers is harder.

That’s why I recently spoke with Holly Robinson, the indie author of Sleeping Tigers. In just a year, she’s gotten over 1,000 followers on Twitter.

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Getting Arrested for a Tweet: The Age of the Post-Anonymous Internet

Can saying terrible things on the internet land you in jail?

Thanks to social media, it looks like the answer is creeping closer to “yes.”

In March, a 21-year-old who drunkenly tweeted racist remarks was charged with “inciting racial hatred” in the United Kingdom. He was sent to prison for 56 days.

Two British boys, age 20 and 22, were sentenced to four years in prison for creating Facebook events about the rioting taking place in the summer of 2011.

Four years is also the standard sentence for people who have committed sexual assault.

The Spokesman-Review, a Washington newspaper, must reveal the name of an anonymous online poster who wrote disparaging comments about the chairwoman of a Kootenai County Republican Party.

Because Jacobson wants to take the commenter to court for defamation.

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Help, My Mom Has More Twitter Followers Than Me!


I’m 23. I’ve used Twitter since September. Coincidentally, my mom started a Twitter account around the same time. Take a gander at the two accounts, if you will. My mom has 194 followers at the time of this writing. I have a measley 82.

My mom has more Twitter followers than me. Me! A tech-savvy millennial who works for an internet marketing company! How has this happened? Am I just not as interesting as she is? Do I have less to say? Or is there something more nefarious at work?

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No One Cares About Your Company’s Tweets

~Reading Time: 5 minutes

I know you’ve heard the hype. Teenagers are Tweeting each other from their phones. Scratch that. Everyone is Tweeting from their phones, because they all have fancy new smartphones (kinda). Companies are in a panic to follow suit, creating accounts and begging people to follow them.

I think it’s time that someone pointed out that this strategy might be a little effective – particularly for small companies looking to grow public awareness -but, overall, the impact will be minimal. Why? Because it’s all completely over-hyped.

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