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7 eBook Statistics All Writers and Book Lovers Should See

Ebook studies about market shares and sales are all over the place. But eBook studies about reader habits are a little harder to find. That’s why I was excited to finally see one that talked about… copyright. What is a … Continue reading

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How Do People Read Nowadays?

It’s an uncertain descent into darkness when you start thinking about heady questions like the future of books. In my short story, Digitally Remastered Classics, I try to ask a lot of those questions.

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What All Writers Can Learn from Calvin & Hobbes

It’s widely accepted that Calvin & Hobbes is the best comic strip in the known world. More than anything else, that’s because of its universal appeal. Kids, college students, and adults have all found something unique to treasure in Bill … Continue reading

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Music, Writing, and Art in the Age of the Optional Purchase

In the summer of 2010, when I started my first job, I listened to about six hours of Pandora a day. The ads were an annoyance, but I sat through them because I loved the songs that Pandora found for … Continue reading

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A Blog About eBooks, Now Advertising an eBook About eBooks

Since around October, I’ve been talking a lot about the future of books and the future of eBooks. I’ve made a guide about how writers should blog in a way that gets people to read your stuff. I’ve also talked … Continue reading

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Writers Stink at Social Media (And Why That’s Bad if You’re Self-Publishing)

I’ve talked about how bad writers can be at Facebook before. It’s pretty obvious if you just take a look around. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but in general it seems that us writerly folks tend to … Continue reading

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How One Author Makes Facebook Work

Facebook has been something of a Rubik’s Cube for authors. Even if you take a look at some of the most famous authors’ Facebook Pages, you can tell that the teams pulling the strings have a pretty poor understanding of … Continue reading

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