For Writers


1. Music, Writing, and Art in the Age of the Optional Purchase

2. Is KDP Select Worth It? (An Example from a Real Person)

3. eBooks, Blogs, and Redefining What it Means to Be an Author

4. The Internet Has Made Us All Entitled Content Thieves

5. Is Writing & Music & Art Getting Specialized to Death?

6. J.K. Rowling and the New Author’s Discoverability Problem

Social Media 2.0

1. Libboo: A New Social Media Platform that Might Actually Help Authors

Facebook marketing

1. Learning Facebook Marketing from 50 Shades of Grey

2. How A Sci-Fi Magazine Uses Facebook to Sell Issues

3. 5 Famous Authors on Facebook… Let’s See if it’s Useful

4. Why Writers Stink at Social Media (And Why That’s Bad if You’re Self-Publishing)

5. How One Author Makes Facebook Work

6. Why Authors Shouldn’t Pay for Social Media Services

Content marketing

1. How to Market Your Book as a Product Without Feeling Guilty

2. Content Marketing: Selling Your Masterpiece by Giving Another One Away

3. The Future of Content Marketing is Self-Curation

4. Why You Need to Curate Your Own Content

5. When You Can’t Just Make Art for Art’s Sake


1. The Future of Books (Calm Down Edition)

2. The Death of the eReader

3. Print Books Aren’t Dying, But They’re Definitely Changing

4. Why Can’t I Click Your Book?

5. Are Commercial eBooks the Only Things You Can Write to Make Money?

6. The Future of eBooks: Werewolf Love Stories, 3 for a Dollar

7. What All Writers Can Learn from Calvin & Hobbes

8. Keep in Mind: 59% of Readers Don’t Care About eBooks

9. 7 eBook Statistics All Writers and Book Lovers Should See


1. 3 Free Platforms for Writers, Musicians, and Artists to Make a Website

2. How to Set Up Google Authorship on WordPress… and Why All Writers & Bloggers Need It

3. How to Get Your Creative Stuff to the Top of Search Engines

4. 4 Things You have to Do To Get Google to Show Your Personal Website

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