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Media Companies: Go Mobile or Become Social Media Serfs

Media companies are having a hard time trying to get people to pay for digital news. When there are so many sites that just provide headlines and a few paragraphs of sensational context (which is what most people want, anyway), … Continue reading

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Why People Can’t See Your Band’s Facebook Posts

You may have noticed something if you have a Facebook Page to promote your band – fewer and fewer people are seeing it. It’s not that people have decided to “dislike” the Page. It’s that they honestly, truly, can’t see … Continue reading

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5 Ways Your Band Should Be Using Facebook

Facebook for bands is a Rubik’s Cube. If it works, it can really work. But if it doesn’t… it’s embarrassing. A lot of bands use Facebook on a less-than-monthly basis, but there’s some power to steadily creating a stream of … Continue reading

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Art-Shelf: A Platform that Lets Artists Do Art, Not Marketing

Whether you’re a painter, a sketch artist or a sculptor, the Internet can be an alluring place to market your art. But a lot of the time, artists get bogged down by the amount of work it takes to maintain … Continue reading

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3 Social Media Mistakes We Can Learn from the Concert that Never Was

This post originally appeared on MarchPR.com.  I recently tried to go to a concert here in Boston. I won’t name the venue or the bands, even the most popular of which is pretty much unknown. The show was on a … Continue reading

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Does Giving Away Your Music for Free Really Get People to Buy It?

In October 2012, I was inspired to start this website (at least in its current form), because I talked to a musician. Specifically, I talked to Owen Packard, the guitarist for UK-based metal band, Earthtone9. I was  trying to figure … Continue reading

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Writers Stink at Social Media (And Why That’s Bad if You’re Self-Publishing)

I’ve talked about how bad writers can be at Facebook before. It’s pretty obvious if you just take a look around. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but in general it seems that us writerly folks tend to … Continue reading

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